Knitting for Uganda

Four years ago our vice chairwoman Kate Khair went to visit a family with children with severe haemophilia in a remote rural part of Uganda. They lived in a house made out of mudbricks, with no electricity, running water or even beds. To get water the boys had to walk for over a mile to the nearest water source, which was a massive strain on their damaged joints due to the internal bleeds and no access to treatment.

While you might think that knitting blankets to be sent to a hot continent such as Africa might be needless, there are definite benefits to our appeal. Firstly, while during the day temperatures might be high it gets very cold in the night. And more importantly, rolled blankets can be used for support for their joints to help them manage the pain and swelling.

Whether you are an experienced knitter, a knitting novice or don’t even own knitting needles yet but would like to learn a new skill during the national lockdown, we would love for you to get involved. By joining this challenge you will show support to your fpeople with haemophilia and their families in the poorest, most rural parts of Uganda, who are experiencing even greater challenges than we do, as well as help The Haemophilia Society raise some vital funds to keep our work going during the global pandemic.

We are collecting 12 inch squares, of any colour or pattern, which will be sewn together into blankets and sent to Uganda. To make this challenge more fun we would love if you shared pictures of their best/worst knits, tutorials for different patterns and maybe even add a little competition for the best/fastest knit in the mix.

To get sponsorship you can set up an online giving page in few easy steps (Facebook, Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving) and get people to sponsor your knitting efforts by donating money they saved on takeaway coffee and TFL charges.

The lack of knitting supplies should not be an excuse hence we put together a list of companies that will deliver your knitting kit to your door. You can go with well-known names, such as Amazon and eBay, or check out smaller, more specialised business like Hobbii, We Are Knitters, Etsy, Woolzone, Woolhouse, The Little Knitting Company and The Wool Factory.

For any support setting up your fundraising page, increasing your sponsorship donations or general inquiries, email

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