The Society’s public inquiry team

Our public inquiry team is here to support you, our members.

The Infected Blood Inquiry has brought back very difficult times for many people in our community which is why we have set up a dedicated team to offer help and support.

Our team will keep you up  to date with inquiry news and help you play your part in the investigation. We try to ensure that we have a representative from the Haemophilia Society at almost every public hearing so that we can support those attending the inquiry in person.   

Our Team

Debra Morgan

Inquiry Lead

Jessica Bomford

Communications Manager

Legal Team

Our legal advisers are Eversheds Sutherland, a global legal practice with offices across the United Kingdom, which specialises in inquiries and investigations work.

Peter Jones

Partner in Eversheds Sutherland

Angharad Hurle

Principal Associate in Eversheds Sutherland

Katie Gollop QC

Public Inquiry Legal Team