Jay Gardner

Youth Ambassador

Hi, I’m Jay Gardner 21, I’ve found that living with Haemophilia A has motivated me beyond what I thought I could achieve, as a kid I was always told to play it safe. “Don’t do this, don’t do that… get an office job.”

I can proudly say that I study something I am passionate about, acting. As a child I had target bleeds into my right ankle joint where I developed a hemarthrosis. This for many years gave me difficulty walking in my day to day life as a teenager, and through fitness I found myself taking back the abilities I had lost before as well as finding a new passion.

One of my massive hobbies is dancing. I love to advocate about the importance of exercise and what it can do for our health. I also like to be a voice for the LGBT community with a bleeding disorder, I found it a very isolating experience to think I was the only gay haemophiliac. All this stuff has helped me become who I am today and has motivated me to do what I do which I would not have without haemophilia A.