Lina Gorenscek

Community & Events Fundraiser

Whether you’re taking part in a big event like the London Marathon, one of our own events such as Buddies Who Brunch, or you’ve come up with your own fantastic way to raise money, Lina is the best person to contact for advice, tips and suggestions, and any materials like posters to help publicise your activities and make them a success.    

Lina is your Community & Events Fundraiser at the Haemophilia Society, and she coordinates our fundraising and local group events, community initiatives, digital fundraising, and supports our social media channels too. Before joining the HS two years ago, Lina worked at Action for Children. Born in Slovenia, Lina now lives in Ladywell in London. 

“I’m always so impressed by the lengths our amazing community will go to fundraise! I recently went to visit the Yorkshire Local Group, who were brilliant raising money through the Race for Life campaign. If you have any fundraising related questions, please get in touch and I’ll do my best to help you.”  

Please email Lina with any fundraising questions at