Zoe Mcgough

Youth Ambassador

I am Zoe Mcgough and I have been living with a rare bleeding disorder for nineteen years. I was diagnosed when I was seven years old after suffering from a lot of bruises in addition to frequent joint pain, I have been on twice a day treatment since then.

I haven’t let my bleeding disorder hold me back, as long as I am consistent with my treatment I can do what I want because at home I would often miss doses as I couldn’t be bothered, and I’d soon notice as my legs would start hurting or bruises would appear.

Last year, I traveled for 2 months around Singapore, bali, Australia and New Zealand with one of my friends.  I went on long walks, swimming most days and on a zipline over a jungle. All of these things I wouldn’t have been able to do if I didn’t access my port myself and consistently giving myself my treatment.