We develop various resources for groups, including a range of publications for schools, centres and individuals to live well with a bleeding disorder. You can stream our videos on our YouTube channel or below.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual Member Conference and Bleeding Disorders Forum in November either in person or virtually. It was great to learn and engage with each other again.

All of the sessions from the day were filmed and are available to view by following the links below.

Trauma, Mental Health and Living with a Bleeding Disorder

Evolution of treatment for haemophilia

Advocating for Change

Von Willebrand Disorder, Update on new guidelines

Mild or moderate bleeding disorder – How will it affect my life?

Physiotherapy best practice – What patients should expect from their haemophilia Centre

10 European principles of care for women and girls with inherited bleeding disorders

Mastering Self-Infusion – courtesy of haemnet

User tutorial of Haemtrack system

Information about using Haemtrack system

BBC Radio Gloucestershire interview – Liz Carroll, chief executive, The Haemophilia Society, dad and member, Mark Watkins and Tumble Tots franchisee

Ageing Film

Inhibitor Film