Hannah Yarnall

Youth Ambassador

My name is Hannah Yarnall and I have Von Willebrands disease (Type 2), I was diagnosed when I was born as my Dad also has VWD and so did my Grandma. I am a big animal lover and currently work at a large pet food company.

The biggest challenge I faced growing up was being in a small community who had never really heard of the condition. It was often difficult to explain why I had such big bruises and that being pale was normal for me! It wasn’t until my first event with The Haemophilia Society that I found a group of people with similar issues who I could really talk to. It was invaluable, as the more I spoke to people the more I could educate myself and others on both VWD and haemophilia.

Being part of the haemophilia community is something I am passionate about, especially in regards to women with bleeding disorders. Volunteering with Talking Red has been great opportunity to raise awareness and share experiences.

As well as volunteering as a Youth Ambassador I am also an active member of the Lincolnshire Haemophilia society, helping raise awareness in our local area.